I Still Love My Seven Cycles 622 SLX

Seven Cycles welds are beautiful
Seven Cycles welds are beautiful

Almost every time I do a charity ride I see a bicycle tech at a rest stop staring at my bike admiring it. Sometimes I forget how nice it looks even when it has not been cleaned in over two years.

While on the Tour De Forts adventure I got into a conversation with the bike mechanic from a local shop as I was refilling my water. He asked me how I liked my bike. Of course, I had to tell him. He told me he had two customers who had ordered the new custom MTB bike that Seven is now making. He asked me if I had seen them. I laughed and told him I had to stay away from the Seven website because I could not afford another bike.

I am still happy with this bike and the tech. The key to having a great experience on a bike is getting a bike fit that is spot on. I did not want a light bike when I purchased my 622, I wanted a bike that I could ride all day and all night and not hurt. I wanted a bike that could smooth out bumpy country roads and not put my hands or butt to sleep. The Tour De Forts ride reminded me of what a great bike I have. Even though I am not in the best of shape like a few years ago, the bike was a joy to be on.

There is always heated debate within the cycling community about the advantages of carbon fiber versus metal. Originally I wanted to get a carbon fiber bike, but I could not afford a custom fitted carbon fiber bike (I am not on a factory sponsored team, haha). What I could afford was the best of both worlds, carbon, and titanium. Carbon for stiffness and light weight and titanium for solid joints and vibration reduction. I have the legs of a man 6 feet tall and the torso of a many 5 feet tall. Getting a custom bike was the only option for me to have a bike that really fits perfectly. This is why I have a Seven Cycles 622.

If I can give any advice to anyone considering purchasing a bike it is this, get a bike fit from a professionally trained bike fitter. You will know if you see a real bike fitter because they have a contraption in the shop that looks like a high-end bike but it has adjustments on everything. a good bike fit can set you back a few hundred dollars and may be part of your bike cost if you buy it from the shop, but it is worth it.

If a bike does not fit perfectly your performance on it will suffer. I am not a speedy rider but I like to ride long distances. I am always amazed that when I am on my bike I can always maintain the perfect balance for distributing my weight between the seat, handlebars, and pedals. When I do this I can easily smooth out bumpy roads and keep my hands from getting numb on long rides.

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