Lonnie Wormley on GA 37 Flint River Bridge near Newton, GA
Flint River Bridge Newton, GA

I decided to take a break from my home improvement and repair projects to take a morning ride. During this time of the year in SW Georgia, it gets hot and humid int he afternoon.  I do not do well cycling in the high humidity, but I have learned to hydrate and keep electrolytes and minerals in my body to prepare for these conditions.

Sunday mornings are generally low traffic in this part of the country. As I headed up Gillonville Road I was greeted by some slightly windy conditions. I have learned that complaining about weather conditions when I am on my bike does not make for a pleasant relaxing adventure. Typically on my longer rides, I have experienced the wind change direction as my route has changed direction so that I will have the pleasure of riding into the wind no matter what direction I am riding. My attitude is to just relax and enjoy being outside no matter what the wind is doing.

This route is not my favorite, but it is a good training ride. The route from where I turn from River Road and get on GA 3, Dixie Highway until I cross the Dougherty County line is really bumpy. I ride this stretch of road to train myself into riding in a balanced three-point position.

Riding a bike for long distance requires paying attention to your position on the bike. When I ride I have several parts of my body that get numb from being in a fixed position for a long time. Moving around and changing positions helps to increase blood circulation to those areas. When riding on a long bumpy ride can present challenges to finding a comfortable position on the bike particularly on the seat. what I like to do on really bumpy roads like GA 3 is to focus on pedaling in a higher (harder) gear so that my butt is always slightly off the seat. My feet and legs will help distribute my weight between my butt and my hands on the handlebar. When I ride like this I not only ride faster, but I practice riding in the correct position. the bumpy road that is my favorite for the views and the shade is also a training road.

Lonnie Wormley at Baconton, GA

When I arrived in Baconton, I decided to take a picture of the sign. I have passed this sign several times on my bike since moving to Georgia. I cannot remember a time when I took the time to stop and savor the moment. Usually, at this point in my ride, I am just looking forward to getting off of the very bumpy Dixie Highway

As the day got hotter I found myself losing the enthusiasm for being on my bike earlier in the day. This is typical of me as I am always excited to be riding away from my home and I sort of get uninspired when it is time to head back into town and my ride comes to an end. Today on this training ride I decided to take a break int he parking lot of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church on the corner on Westover and Locket station. I have never stopped here on a solo ride, but today I just need a moment to be in the shade of a tree and a few moments to get inspired to keep a good pace to get home.

While I was taking a few sips of water I could hear the preacher’s sermon as it was about 11:45 AM on a Sunday. I was surprised to hear the sermon as I was about 150 feet from the building. Then I noticed a car in the parking lot with the engine running. That is where I was hearing the service inside the church. It was coming from the car’s audio system. As I listened to the sermon I had fond memories of my dad who was a minister. I wondered if this preacher had written notes for his sermon during the previous week like my dad.

Well after the short brak I got back on my bike and made my way home. I am happy that I am getting more time on my bike and I am having fun while getting back into shape.

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