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Yanmar Tractor HWY 32 near Plamrya road
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Farm House on Callis Road Terrell County, GA
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Bronwood City Limits Home of Cole Swindell
Victorian House Bronwood, GA
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Antique Ford Truck in downtown Sassar, GA

I started the month of February 147 miles behind my pace for riding 5,000 miles this year. To date, I have ridden 688 miles on my bikes. I did not ride for a few weeks because I passed out due to blood pressure medication and injured my hip. It took some time to get the new prescription dialed in and for my hip to heal. Fortunately, since my retirement on 1/31/2020, I now have the time to ride my bike anytime I choose. Today I am 8 miles behind my pace.

I like making up games for myself. Back in 2015 when I set a goal to ride 10,000 miles in one year I was bike commuting almost every day to work. I was riding 50 miles or more a day and typically would average 250 miles a week. The downside of riding this much is that I had to squeeze in the riding during the wee early morning hours when it was dark. In the evenings during the winter the commute home was also dark. When I was bike commuting I did not have the luxury to really enjoy the scenery. The benefits of riding that many miles daily was that I became a really strong cyclist.

Now that I am retired, I can still gradually build up my endurance again so that I can do the long solo rides that I enjoy. I now have the freedom to ride during the middle of the day and I can stop to take pictures and gawk at cows whenever I want. Now my priority is not about getting to and from work quickly, it is all about enjoying the journey

Cole Swindell

I have passed through Bronwood, GA a few times on my bike and when I was supporting the annual Pecan City Pedalers’, Nut Roll. Today is the first time I took a moment to listen to Cole’s music on Spotify. He definitely has that big country sound.

Cole Swindell is from Bronwood, GA

Lonnie Wormley

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