Winter Cycling from Albany through Newton, Camilla, Baconton, and Putney

Today I rode almost 71 miles through five counties in South West Georgia. I decided to ride south after reviewing the weather forecast which predicted that the winds would be blowing from the north to northeast all afternoon. I decided to ride south and then head north into the headwinds midway into my ride.

I have slow-twitch muscles and a very large heart. I am not a good sprinter, but I can do really long rides and don’t get tired easily. After I got hit while bike commuting my vascular surgeon told me that my heart is larger than normal and not due to any health reasons. He told me that he sees hearts like mine in elite athletes like long-distance runners, cross country skiers and cyclists. Getting this kind of health information makes sense to me as I have never been a sprinter, but I loved long-distance anything.

So for me, it takes me about 30 miles on my bike before I can get into a rhythm for a ride. Right about mile 40 is when I am ready to start rolling along. I love doing all-day rides.

My original route for today was to head to Newton then ride 2 miles on HWY 37 and then take River Road to the community of Flint and hit the Old Dixie HWY 3. I had to change plans quickly because I ran into two big dogs right after I turned onto River Road. The dogs ran out of the front yard a house by the road that I always thought was abandoned. Anyway, I did a quick U-turn and decided that I would just ride to Camilla and hit the Dixie Highway there.

I had not been on HWY 37 in a long time. I used to ride it regularly when I would do a round trip ride to Thomasville. I plan to ride to Thomasville soon. On the weekends HWY37 has low traffic, but during the week there are a lot of large trucks on it. The crosswinds were getting stronger and I knew when I got to Camilla and headed north that I would start my pedaling party.

Riding on the Old dixie HWY 3 is a mixed bag for me. I love county views and low traffic. The road is old and very bumpy in places. When headwinds are added to the ride it makes for the perfect training ride. I dis this ride intentionally so that I can have what I consider the worst-case scenario for me as a cyclist. I chose to ride 30 miles south so that I will be tired, or in this case just getting warmed up. Then add some headwinds and a bumpy road, and that is what I call a fun afternoon.

I had a wonderful ride today. I will have more adventures on my bicycle this year so I am looking forward to riding through more country towns here in Georgia and Florida.

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