Maiden Voyage on New Brooks Saddle

Brooks C17 saddle
Brooks C17 saddle

Today I took my first ride on my new Brooks Cambium All Weather C17 saddle. I finally gave up on my foam repair job on my 5 years old Selle SMP Pro.

I have been riding my Seven Cycles SLX622 since 2015 with the Selle SMP saddle, and I really liked it. When the foam started to break down and fall out a few months ago, I did a foam replacement fix on my exiting Selle while debating if I was going to buy a new Selle or go for the Brooks. Well, I went for the Brooks saddle.

My main reason for going for the Brooks is that I wanted a saddle that would stand up to all weather conditions and still provide good support on long rides. The Selle saddles are nice, but real leather is not designed for the harsh riding conditions that I spend on my bike. The vulcanized material used on this Brooks saddle is designed to be tougher than their leather saddles and does not require the long break-in period as the leather saddles have.

So after my first ride, I have decided that it was a good decision. Having a solid seat again is a nice change. I have been riding a saddle with a cut out for over ten years. Switching to a sold saddle feels really nice. I can’s wait to do my first 200-kilometer ride with this saddle.

Lonnie Wormley

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    Thank you for consistiing of the gorgeous images– so open to a feeling of contemplation.

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