An afternoon cycling ride from Albany, GA to Newton, GA, and back

Today I decided to do a quick ride to Newton and back. the winds were blowing from the south to southwest like yesterday’s ride. I decided that today I wanted t do some more wind training.

Tarva Road Dougherty County

Wind training for me is an essential part of my training because here in SW Georgia there are not a lot of hills. It is really flat, so to compensate I like to ride into the wind for 10 or 20 miles so that my legs get stronger. I like doing long rides and getting used to riding into the wind is something that I know I will always run into on my all-day rides.

Pretoria Road Baker County

Riding from my house to Newton allows me to be on one road for most of the ride. The road has several names, 8 Mile, Tarva and Pretoria. One thing that I like about this road is that south of Leary Road there is hardly any traffic on the road. On this and one of my other recent rides on this road, I got chased by a chocolate lab which is scary, but exciting and gives me a reason to sprint when I really do not feel like it.

Lonnie Wormley at the Baker Dougherty County line
Lonnie’s Seven Cycles 622 SLX at the Baker Dougherty County line
Looking south at the Baker Dougherty County line

Cycle Thunder

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