A 31 mile Sunday evening ride with golden light

Lonnie viewing grazing cows on Leary Road just east of Mud Creek Road.
Grazing cows on Leary Road just east of Mud Creek Road.

When I was bike commuting to and from work I was always riding at some point thirty minutes before or after sunset or sunrise. For me, these times of day are the most beautiful for a cyclist and photographer. the changing light and shadows added with the singing of the birds always overwhelms my senses.

I waited to start this ride so that I could ride a little in the dark and see how my light works. I have not been on my bike in full darkness for a long time. This ride served two purposes, I enjoyed the period of golden light and I got to ride int he dark. the only thing that I forgot to put in my gag was Gator mosquito spray.

Strava Results show that I am starting to put in bike commuter mileage as I did back in 2015 when I was riding every day.

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