Social distancing on long self-supported cycling adventures.

MSR Home Emergency Water Filter

I miss my long rides, due to how much water I can carry. Currently, I carry four water bottles which can keep me hydrated for about 50 or 60 miles. Recently I have been going full hazmat when I go into stores, goggles, gloves, and mask.

My question for the group is this, are you protecting yourself when you stop in a store for water supplies? I wish I had my REI water hose filter. I may have to order one. I have considered doing a supply drop on my route so I can just ride and have a hidden stash to resupply. In the past, I have stopped at country churches to get water, but I am paranoid about lead pipes and the water quality coming from a well.

If you have any ideas on the logistics of doing a longe self-supported ride say to Thomasville or St. Mark’s let me know. These are unusual times, but we will get through this challenge and still enjoy cycling.

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Lonnie Wormley

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