Why do I like riding solo on my bicycling adventures?

Zimmatic Pivot Irrigation System
Zimmatic Pivot Irrigation System

This is why I like riding solo. I like to stop and observe the country. Riding when my head up is better for me than staring at the wheel to feet in front of me.

When I see a cow, a barn, an old grain silo or a cloud thunderhead on the horizon that reaches from the top of a wheat field up to infinity, I stop and take time to marvel at it and snap a picture.

I am easily distracted by pivot irrigation sprinklers too. I see a lot of systems by Valley, but when I go through an area with Zimmatic, I take notice. I also notice what they are irrigating and if there is a tank with pesticides in it so I can make sure to avoid and spray that may be drifting on the path that I am taking.

Yeah, I could go on, but you get the idea.

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