Recreational Ride

Pretoria Fields Wednesday Evening Ride

#garmin Today I started off the Wednesday evening ride with the Pecan City Pedalers group at the Christ United Methodist Church on Old Plantation Road.  Since I have not been riding so much in the past few years I have been riding at my own pace when I show up for the weekly rides.  Yesterday…

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Armena Road Tuesday Evening Ride

#garmin I loved this Tuesday Evening ride because I was able to ride with a group of cyclists that pushed me to ride just a little bit out of my comfort zone, but not enough out of my comfort zone for me to get dropped.  This pace does not have a number for me, it…

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Tuesday Evening Training Ride

Endorphin addiction is finally kicking in. As I embark on getting myself bike up to speed as a cyclist I have been waiting for the forced motivation to get on my bike to be replaced by the rush to get on my bike immediately after work. today was one of those days when I was…

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Saturday morning bike ride


Today I did a Saturday morning bike ride with my friend Alan Bitterman. We started out with the temperature at 47 degrees. The winds were blowing pretty strong from the East. We had a wonderful training ride. I wanted to share the product that I used to add electrolytes to my drinking water, Hi Lyte.…

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Sunday Ride on Mud Creek Road

Entrance to Abigail Plantation on Gillionville Roadl

It has been a long time since I have been on my bike regularly. This year I have taken my Seven Cycles bike out three times. It wan several months before that since I bike commuted to work. I can make up several excuses for not getting out on the road on my bike, but…

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Summer Sunday Evening Ride

This evening I decided to take my truck to work so I could attend a meeting off campus. I took my bike so that I could ride it home and bike commute tomorrow morning. I was going to ride the short four miles home, but I had my road bike and the wind was blowing…

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