Snickers Marathon 2019

Lonnie Wormley on bike escorting the first and second place male runners during the 2019 Snickers Marathon in Albany, GA. Photo by Ulf Kirchdorfer

I always have fun volunteering to work with to be a member of the Pecan City Pedalers Bicycle Brigade. I have volunteered to marshall the top finishing positions for male and female marathon runners for several years. Every year that I have volunteered to help with this event I regret not taking my GoPro along…

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Saturday morning bike ride


Today I did a Saturday morning bike ride with my friend Alan Bitterman. We started out with the temperature at 47 degrees. The winds were blowing pretty strong from the East. We had a wonderful training ride. I wanted to share the product that I used to add electrolytes to my drinking water, Hi Lyte.…

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Sunday Ride on Mud Creek Road

Entrance to Abigail Plantation on Gillionville Roadl

It has been a long time since I have been on my bike regularly. This year I have taken my Seven Cycles bike out three times. It wan several months before that since I bike commuted to work. I can make up several excuses for not getting out on the road on my bike, but…

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Summer Sunday Evening Ride

This evening I decided to take my truck to work so I could attend a meeting off campus. I took my bike so that I could ride it home and bike commute tomorrow morning. I was going to ride the short four miles home, but I had my road bike and the wind was blowing…

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10 working days in a row bike commuting

It is been a long time since I have bike commuting to work two weeks in a row. Back in 2015, I was fanatical about riding 200 miles a week. I’ve m been working on the Albany State University West Campus for a little over a year and a half I have a 4-mile commute.…

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Kingswood Court Pond

This morning on my way to work I decided to take another picture of the mirror glass pond that I pass. I pass the pond on a dirt alley just before I get to Albany State University’s West Campus.

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Upgraded bicycle kickstand

I took the original kickstand off my bike because it wouldn’t hold the load when I had my ortlieb saddlebags on the rear pannier. I’m eager to test this kickstand that was made in Switzerland the kickstand brand is Pletcher Twin.

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